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Start an audience-driven discussion for your next project.
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Collect immediate feedback from your global team.
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Present yourself in 20 seconds. Or start a 20-second monologue World with others. Make it social.
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Making a decision? Get culturally diverse viewpoints from your company World. Do it from an airport, or while in a taxi heading to a meeting.
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Practice elevator pitch presentations.


Q) What does the word "riffiti" mean?

A) The word "riffiti" is a combination of "riff" and "graffiti." These two words stand for expressing oneself in a freeform, and for improvising in the company of strangers and friends alike. Riffiti embodies that spirit.

Q) Why video?

A) Because when we speak in front of video camera it makes us accountable. It is personal and it helps us become trustworthy. Others see us, they see our facial expressions, and they see how vulnerable, or strong, we are in that moment. That, we believe, is a poignantly human way to interact socially. Read more essay writer

Q) What is the thinking behind the short-form videos of 20 seconds?

A) We believe that the skills of excellent communication and higher-order thinking are acquired more and more from a series of short-duration answers to well-formed questions. 

And every business professional and every educator agrees that when we speak anything in our own words concisely we understand it better, we remember it better and our thinking on it becomes more active.
And every learner and educator agrees that when we speak anything in our own words we understand it better, we remember it better and our thinking on it becomes more active.

Q) Are you saying one can learn better on Riffiti?

A) On Riffiti your social interaction is filled with a purpose; you get to hear other people telling you things that make you go "Aha!" and you are often seeing many other perspectives on the same question. Wouldn't you agree this is a powerful way to learn?

Q) What's the the guarantee that the app will not be ruined by prank videos?

A) Yup, we asked the same question you asked. We built a user-blocking system, and a reporting system into Riffiti. We monitor content 24 hours a day, and we enforce zero-tolerance policy for objectionable content. Our goal is to create a community where respect, dignity, fun, humor, and learning go hand in hand.

Q) What are a few examples of how one can use Riffiti?

A) Anytime you want to put the power of expression in the hands of ordinary people, Riffiti is a great tool to use. On Riffiti everything happens in chunks of 20 seconds, so it is great for short-burst interaction. It's a mobile video app so anyone anywhere in the world can get on it instantly. More important, you can speak in any language, not just in English.
By the very design of it, on Riffiti everything happens with a purpose, as everything is anchored on a topic or a question. Everyone gets to the point in a second because, well, you just have 20 seconds to make your point.
Are you a teacher preparing the class? Post a concept question and let your students explain it to each other in their own words. Watch them learn from one another in a continuous riffstream.
You can improv on Riffiti. Or get together with a bunch of your friends and start telling a story. Or see a total stranger extend your story and take it in a direction you've never dreamed of.
Or start a riffcast, which is our fancy name for a video call-in show. It's simple. Post the topic, start off with your riff. Your audience will post their questions or perspectives in the form of their riffs.
You can use Riffiti in your business too. Trying to make a right decision at work? Set up the question,"What else do I need to make this decision?" and let your people to riff on it. Do it from airport, from a coffee shop, or while in a taxi to a meeting.
Learning a foreign language? Speak a 20-second practice passage and let native-speakers help you get it right.
And plenty more ways that we haven't thought of yet.

Q) How do you make money?

A) For now we are focusing on testing the hypothesis that people like to use Riffiti. If the hypothesis is proven correct by the Riffiti users, then we have a few business models in mind.